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Net-4-Less Fee Schedule

Do you ever wonder why you can never get a pricing schedule from a web designer online? Just look around at some of the companies out there and you'll find that almost none are willing to advertise their actual rates. This is because their prices as a general rule are absolutely insane.

When we decided to start Net-4-Less, we wanted to be completely honest and up front with potential customers. Net-4-Less posts all fees on this page so you don't have to guess about the costs associated with having a web site. We try to keep our prices well below the rates charged by larger companies.

Compared to other methods of advertising like newspaper, radio and television, a web site is the most economical method available to reach potential customers and organizational members. Net-4-Less can help you reach these individuals by guiding you along the pathway to the World Wide Web!

Basic Web Design - $600

Based on a standard web site containing up to five pages. Each page may have a maximum of three digital images optimized with an image-editing software to get the look you need and the fastest download time possible. We will continue to work on your web site until you are completely satisfied with both its look and functionality. While we work on your web site, you will be able to view it online and provide comments on what you like and dislike, changes you'd like, etc.

Note - The Net-4-Less web site is a perfect example of a Basic Web Design Internet site.

Deluxe Web Design - $1,200

Same as the basic web design package except the web site can be up to ten pages. Each page may have a maximum of four digital images optimized with an image-editing software to get the look you need and the fastest download time possible. Contact us for package pricing on web sites in excess of ten pages.

Economy Web Hosting - $125 annually

Net-4-Less offers hosting packages which vary in price and the number of features, space and bandwidth. To be honest with you though, it is doubtful that anyone would ever need more than the economy hosting package. It includes 5 GB of space, 250 GB transfer and one email address such as This fee is separate from and in addition to the web design fee above.

Ten Deluxe Email Accounts - $100 annually

If you need more than one email address for your company or organization, you can get up to ten additional email accounts for only $100 annually. These email addresses can be your choice of and they have unlimited storage capacity. If you need even more email accounts, just contact us and we will discuss pricing.

Domain Names - $25 annually

Reserving your domain name ( is an important first step in setting up your presence on the web. Net-4-Less will work with you to find a domain name that best suits your company or organization. This fee is separate from and in addition to the web design fee and hosting fee above.

Site Maintenance - $40 an hour or $50 a month maintenance package

Most of our clients choose to have us update and maintain their web site for them. Most maintenance and update items can be handled through email, fax or telephone calls. You have a choice of setting up a maintenance package for $50 a month for up to three hours a month labor or we can work on an hourly basis. Sorry... there are no "roll-over" minutes with the monthly maintenance package like a certain cellular company advertises.

Hourly rates will be broken down in half hour increments for billing purposes. Example - one minute to thirty minutes = $20, thirty-one minutes to sixty minutes = $40. As you can see, if you like to make a lot of changes and updates to your web site the $50 maintenance package makes a lot of sense.

Photography and Scanning Services - $40 an hour

Net-4-Less offers a wide variety of digital photography and scanning options. We can personally photograph products, events and people to be included in your web site. We also have scanning services available if you wish to use your own photographs, logos or other graphics.

If you take your own digital photographs to include in your website, please use a minimum of a 5 megapixel camera and do not crop or manipulate the images in any way. Email us the images or provide them on a disc in the exact condition and size that they download from your camera.

All photographs and graphics are optimized so that your web pages can be viewed as quickly as possible. Photography and Imaging (manipulating your images digitally) are both charged at the site maintenance labor fee of $40 an hour. You can also use the $50 a month maintenance package to obtain these services - again making this package a pretty good deal.

Methods of Payment Accepted - Cash, Local Check or Credit Card through PayPal

Net-4-Less will accept local checks from Sedgwick County, Kansas residents. All customer checks from outside Sedgwick County will be held until cleared by the bank before services will be rendered.

If you would like to pay by credit card we can accept this manner of payment through PayPal only. Let us know if you desire to pay by credit card and we will send you instructions by email on how to complete your purchase. Credit card payments will only be accepted for annual / paid-in-full purchases. Sorry, but fees collected on a monthly basis can not be paid by credit card.

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Joseph Pulitzer

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